Low Cost Counselling with Interns

Low Cost Counselling East Vancouver

East Vancouver Counselling is a teaching clinic. We host Masters-level Students from a number of Graduate training programs for the Internship portion of their program. Their Internship is the final stage of the training before they become registered professionals.

Our Interns are carefully supervised by our team of experienced practitioner-Supervisors, who each have expertise in the specific area of clinical work where the Intern wants to grow. Our Internship program offers a rich opportunity for Students to learn from our diverse team of professionals, and from their experience offering accessible, affordable services to the public.

If you are looking Counselling at a lower rate, please feel free to book a complimentary online or phone Consultation with one or more of our Interns. All of our Interns work both online with our secure Telehealth Jane system, and in person at our offices in East Vancouver.

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