Ten Reasons to See a Counsellor

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  1. You’re having a hard time regulating your emotions:  We all struggle with big emotions at times, but if they linger, if it’s hurting your relationships, if they’re overwhelming, or if you’re making important life decisions because of these big feelings, then it might be time to talk to someone.
  2. It’s hard to keep things going at school or work: It can be really hard to focus when we’re struggling, and while that’s normal, it’s a good idea to get help to figure out ways to cope.
  3. You notice stress-related health issues: Stress impacts our bodies in so many ways, including changes to sleep, digestion, blood pressure, heart-health, and many more.  When chronic stress is impacting our physical health, it might be good to talk to a therapist.
  4. Something intense is happening in your life: Divorce, death, moving, promotions or firings at work, birth of a child, health diagnosis for yourself or someone you love – they are all big adjustments that can trigger struggle. You don’t need to go through it alone.
  5. Your life isn’t living up to your expectations:  Sometimes hitting milestones, like a big birthday, can highlight to us that our lives are not what we had hoped or planned.  It can be really helpful to get some support around this, to shift our self-perceptions and/or to shift our lives.
  6. You’re using substances or distractions to cope: We all use tools to cope, but if the ones you’re using are causing more problems, or holding you back from living the life you’d like to live, then it might be time to talk to someone.
  7. You’re withdrawn, or not experiencing enjoyment in your life: If life feels dull, you’re not engaged in your life, or you’re are tired all the time, this could be a sign of depression. Talking to a therapist who works with depression may help.
  8. Your relationships are suffering: As humans, we are wired to connect, but sometimes those connections can get strained or be really challenging, which can be really hard.
  9. Memories or past traumas are impacting you in your current life: If you’ve had something traumatic happen to you in the past, those memories can pop back up. Even when they’ve been worked on, it can feel like another layer of the experience emerges. 
  10. You want a safe place to talk that is all yours: Our closest friends and supports can sometimes feel overwhelmed by what we need to talk about, they don’t know what to say or do to help, or they don’t have time or energy to give us the support we need, when we need it. A Counselling Therapist reserves your time just for you.

Bonus reason: You just want to work on being a better you!


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