Team Training: ADHD

EVC was thrilled to welcome Meg Kapil to our monthly team meeting earlier this week to offer some specialized team training about working with ADHD in the clinic room.

Meg, who is in the final stages of completing her PhD in this topic area, shared a model and resources for the team to help us conceptualize the way ADHD neurodivergence impacts clients. While it was a brief presentation, Meg packed in a lot of information, and feedback from the team has been excellent. Information about Meg and her work, including information about her helpful workbook series, is available here:

In our observation, ADHD diagnosis is on the rise with both adults and children. It can show up with feelings of frustration, feeling misunderstood and stuck, and sometimes despair and hopelessness, amongst other emotional impacts. The way people access counselling support and the expectations for counselling can benefit from neurodivergence awareness and understanding of the issues associated with ADHD.

While counsellors are not able to diagnose ADHD, we may be able to help you out with the way it impacts you, your relationships, and the way you approach your work/school.

If you’re looking for support for ADHD or other neurodivergence and aren’t sure which team members specialize in this area, please contact our main Admin at and we’ll get you connected.

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