Susan Young (SFW)

ADHD | Anxiety & Panic | Autism | Bi/Multicultural Identity | Caregiver & Occupational Burnout | Ethical Non-Monogamy | Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum Wellness | Generalized Anxiety Disorder | Grief & Loss | Interpersonal, Family & Relationship Issues | Mindfulness & Mind/Body Connection | Neurodiversity | Parenting & Parent Coaching | Personality Disorders | Relational Trauma & Abuse | Sexual Trauma | Stress & Burnout

Cynthia’s warm and friendly approach, and her decades of experience and training in Counselling, create a safe and welcoming environment where you can explore how body, mind and relationships are impacted by stress, distress, and trauma, and shift toward the development of insight, resilience, skills, and self-compassion. ​Cynthia’s specialized training in anxiety, depression, panic, trauma, identity, self-esteem, addictions, grief, relationships (with self and others), attention, and adult ADHD presentations, give her tools to work with a wide range of adults who have experienced trauma, are impacted by challenges in their relationships, and who grew up in divorced or high conflict families. Cynthia’s work integrates a range of theories and approaches, and often incorporates therapeutic technologies including Neurofeedback, Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), and Heart-Rate Variability Training. Cynthia strives to be inclusive, affirming, and respectful of the individual challenges that are brought into sessions. ​Please email for information about Neurofeedback or SSP.

Susan identifies as ;lsdfjkg;ldsjfkgl;kajfg;lkdjsfg and has lived experienc with ;slfjgh;lsidgfij;lsdfjg;lsdf. 

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